Question :

In which of the following districts is Ayodhya, the birth place of Ram situated ?

A) Faizabad
B) Allahabad
C) Gorakhpur
D) Akbarabad

Answer : A

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Which is the two major rivers of the state?

A) Ganges & Yamuna
B) Betwa and Chambal
C) Kanhar and Ken
D) Sindh and Ken

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In which of the following region is the Bhotia tribe found in Uttar Pradesh?

A) Tarai
B) Hilly
C) Plain
D) Plateau

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Total number of districts in Uttar Pradesh

A) 62
B) 68
C) 72
D) 75

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In Uttar Pradesh the meeting point of Ganga - Yamuna is called

A) Meeting point
B) Sangam
C) Har ki Podi
D) Kashi

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Who of the following prime ministers of India was not born in Allahabad?

A) Jawaharlal Nehru
B) Indira Gandhi
C) Vishwanath Pratap Singh
D) Rajiv Gandhi

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