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Who was Uttar Pradesh’s chief minister in 1992?

A) Ram Prakash Gupta
B) Kalyan Singh
C) Romesh Bhandari
D) Rajnath Singh

Answer : B

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In order to protect the wildlife how many wildlife sanctuaries have been established in Uttar Pradesh?

A) 17
B) 11
C) 27
D) 31

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When was Agra Presidency separated from Bengal Presidency?

A) 1776
B) 1792
C) 1833
D) 1858

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In which district of Uttar Pradesh has solar energy plant been started?

A) Agra
B) Aligarh
C) Mathura
D) Etawah

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Who of the following prime ministers of India was not born in Uttar Pradesh?

A) P. V. Narasimha Rao
B) Lal Bahadur Shastri
C) Charan Singh
D) Chandra Shekhar

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Which state is first place in Mango production?

A) Madhya Pradesh
B) Uttar Pradesh
C) Tamil Nadu
D) Assam

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