Question :

Which of the following is not a browser ?

A) Microsoft Bing
B) Netscape Navigator
C) Mozilla Firefox
D) Opera

Answer : A

Description :

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MIME full form

A) Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension
B) Multiple Internet Mail Extension
C) Multipurpose Internal Mail Extension
D) Multidimensional Internet Mail Extension

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What should be minimum requirement of random access memory (RAM) for internet access ?

A) 8 MB
B) 16 MB
C) 32 MB
D) 64 MB

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What is the name of device that work like a postal, which tells the address of data packet destination ?

A) Computer
B) Router
C) Pretender
D) Coller

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A protocol used for fetching e-mail from a mailbox is POP3. 

A) True
B) False

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All conversations on the IRC are in English.

A) True
B) False

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