Question :

The first network that planted the seeds of Internet was :

B) NSFnet
C) Vnet
D) Both A and B

Answer : A

Description :

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"www" stands for

A) World Wide War
B) World Wide Wait
C) World Wide Wares
D) World Wide Web

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IRC stands for

A) Internet Related Chat
B) Internet Relay Chat
C) Internet Related Content
D) None of the above

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The equipment needed to allow home computers to connect to the Internet is called a

A) Modem
B) Gateway
C) Monitor
D) Peripheral

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A new solution USB allows a user to install up to how many devices on the computer.

A) 64
B) 127
C) 128
D) 256

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Yahoo ( is a

A) Website for Consumers Wrong!
B) Super Computer
C) Portal
D) Organization that allocates web addresses

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