Question :

Which is the two major rivers of the state?

A) Ganges & Yamuna
B) Betwa and Chambal
C) Kanhar and Ken
D) Sindh and Ken

Answer : A

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Which is Largest State in India?

A) Madhya Pradesh
B) Gujarat
C) Uttar Pradesh
D) Himachal Pradesh

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Which of following is known as ‘City of temples’ in Uttar Pradesh?

A) Kanpur
B) Lucknow
C) Varanasi
D) Bhopal

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By which districts tribe is the ‘Shera Dance’ done in Uttar Pradesh?

A) Gorakhpur
B) Lalitpur
C) Allahabad
D) Varanasi

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When was Agra Presidency separated from Bengal Presidency?

A) 1776
B) 1792
C) 1833
D) 1858

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Which is the capital of Uttar Pradesh?

A) Kanpur
B) Lucknow
C) Sardhana
D) Agra

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