Question :

In Uttar Pradesh the meeting point of Ganga - Yamuna is called

A) Meeting point
B) Sangam
C) Har ki Podi
D) Kashi

Answer : B

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At which of the following places is ‘Lathamar Holi’ organized every year during the Holi in the State?

A) Vrindavan
B) Barsana
C) Mathura
D) Gokul

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In which of the following region is the Bhotia tribe found in Uttar Pradesh?

A) Tarai
B) Hilly
C) Plain
D) Plateau

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Which is Largest State in India?

A) Madhya Pradesh
B) Gujarat
C) Uttar Pradesh
D) Himachal Pradesh

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Which of following is known as ‘City of temples’ in Uttar Pradesh?

A) Kanpur
B) Lucknow
C) Varanasi
D) Bhopal

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In order to protect the wildlife how many wildlife sanctuaries have been established in Uttar Pradesh?

A) 17
B) 11
C) 27
D) 31

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