Question :

In which menu is the master slide function found in Libreoffice Impress ?

A) Slide Show
B) Slide
C) Tools
D) None of these

Answer : B

Description :

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Libreoffice Writer and M.S. office Both have the same function of Ctrl + F -

A) True
B) False

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What is the shortcut key to go to the beginning of any line in Libreoffice Writer ?

A) Home
B) Ctrl + Home
C) Page up
D) Up

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In Libreoffice Writer, what is the shortcut key of the double under line ?

A) Ctrl + Shift + D
B) Ctrl + Shift + U
C) Ctrl + U
D) Ctrl + D

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Which key do you use to comment in libreoffice ?

A) Ctrl + Shift + C
B) Ctrl + C
C) Ctrl + Shift + T
D) Ctrl + Alt + C

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Which file format is not added to Libreoffice Impress ?


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