Question :

What is the shortcut key of Manage Template in Libreoffice Writer ?

A) Ctrl + T
B) Ctrl + Shift + N
C) Shift + N
D) None

Answer : B

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What do you do to write in Libreoffice Calc from Monday to Sunday ?

A) write monday, hold down the right corner and pull down
B) write monday and press enter key
C) = week () uses the function
D) All of the above

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How many columns are there in Libreoffice Calc ?

A) 1024
B) 1048576
C) 16384
D) None

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In Libreoffice Writer, where is Footnote located ?

A) at the bottom of the page
B) at the top of the page
C) Bottom of the document
D) At the top of the document

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What is the shortcut key to insert date in libreoffice calc ?

A) Ctrl + ;
B) Ctrl + :
C) Ctrl + Shift + ;
D) Ctrl + Shift + :

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Which shortcut key do you use for cell formatting in Libreoffice Calc ?

A) Ctrl + 1
B) Ctrl + F2
C) Ctrl + 2
D) Ctrl + M

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