Question :

Which country's Prime Minister has stepped down?

A) France
B) Denmark
C) Italy

Answer : D

Description :

Boris Johnson has resigned as leader of Britain's Conservative party, paving the way for the selection of a UK new Prime Minister. Johnson finally agreed to step down as UK PM after a wave of resignations from top Ministers and close aides, bringing an end to a tumultuous two and a half years in office.

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Who won Wimbledon 2022 Men's Singles Final?

A) Novak Djokovic
B) Rafael Nadal
C) Cameron Norrie
D) Nick Kyrgios

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Which Indian city will be the first Cultural and Tourism Capital of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation?

A) Ayodhya
B) Varanasi
C) Ahmedabad
D) Puri

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Which Indian state was the highest receiver of FDI Equity Inflow during FY 2021-22?

A) Maharashtra
B) Kerala
C) Tamil Nadu
D) Karnataka

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When is National Doctor's Day is observed in India?

A) July 15th
B) July 1st
C) July 10th
D) July 20th

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Which Union Territory has declared Public Health Emergency?

A) Puducherry
B) New Delhi
C) Chandigarh
D) Lakshdweep

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