Question :

Which country's coalition government has decided to dissolve the parliament?

A) Turkey
B) Israel
C) Italy
D) Tajikistan

Answer : B

Description :

Israel's coalition government decided to dissolve the Parliament on June 20, 2022 and call for a new election, the country’s fifth in three years. Israel Elections are expected to take place in this fall. It could set a stage for the return of a nationalist religious government led by the former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu or another period of political gridlock.

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Which nation has announced almost a total ban on use and production of landmines?

B) Russia
D) Japan

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What is the new national record in Javelin Throw?

A) 89.30
B) 88.70
C) 87.83
D) 89.19

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Who will lead Indian Women's Hockey team for Commonwealth Games 2022?

A) Savita
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What is the theme of International Yoga Day 2022?

A) Yoga for Health
B) Yoga for Humanity
C) Yoga For Wellness
D) Yoga for Heart

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When is World Refugee Day observed?

A) June 18th
B) June 19th
C) June 20th
D) June 21st

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