Question :

Who is the sole Indian cricketer to feature in the top 10 of ICC Men's T20 Batsman Rankings 2022?

A) Ishan Kishan
B) Rishabh Pant
C) Shreyas Iyer
D) Rohit Sharma

Answer : A

Description :

Ishan Kishan has jumped 14 spots to break into the top 10 of ICC Men's T20I Player Rankings 2022. He has been ranked 7th on the ICC Men's T20I Batsman Rankings 2022. Indian batsman KL Rahul has dropped two places to the 14th spot, while Shreyas Iyer and Rohit Sharma have dropped by one spot each to the 16th and 17th rank respectively. Virat Kohli has dropped 2 places and is ranked at the 21st position in the ICC Men's T20 Batsman Rankings.

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