Question :

Which product of Varanasi has recently been given GI tag?

A) Banarasi Paan
B) Banarasi Langda Mango
C) Both (a) & (b) are correct
D) None of these

Answer : C

Description :

The Geographical Indication Registry has granted the GI tag to the world-famous Banarasi Paan and Banarasi Langda Mango. GI Tag (Geographical Indication) is given to those products which show the geographical identity of that region. An expert Padma Shri Dr Rajinikanth told that with the cooperation of the UP government and NABARD UP, 11 regional products of the state have been given GI tag this year. It is a tag given to locally made or produced products that have a specific geographical origin. Also, it was first introduced in 2003, under which Darjeeling Tea was first given this tag.

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