Question :

Who has been honoured with the 'Player of the Year' award by the Asian Chess Federation?

A) Vignesh N R
B) D Gukesh
C) Bhakti Kulkarni
D) Tania Sachdev

Answer : B

Description :

Asian Chess Federation honours India's Grandmaster D Gukesh with the Player of the Year Award. Grandmaster D Gukesh was the sixth Indian to break the 2700 Elo-rating mark. Also, he became the youngest Grandmaster of the country to achieve a rating above 2700. All India Chess Federation was named 'Most Active Federation' during ACF Annual Summit. Grandmaster RB Ramesh won the Men's Coach of the Year award and Grandmaster Abhijeet Kunte won the Women's Coach of the Year award.

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Who has been honoured with the ‘Player of the Year Award’ by the Asian Chess Federation?

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