Question :

Which key do Libreoffice Calc use to move to the left (one step back) of a cell ?

A) Alt + Tab
B) Tab
C) Alt
D) Shift + Tab

Answer : D

Description :

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Which shortcut key is used to select the entire row ?

A) Ctrl + Space
B) Shift + Space
C) Ctrl + Shift + Page down
D) None

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Can not do maximum Zoom in Libreoffice Calc ?

A) 300%
B) 200%
C) 400%
D) 500%

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What do you do to write in Libreoffice Calc from Monday to Sunday ?

A) write monday, hold down the right corner and pull down
B) write monday and press enter key
C) = week () uses the function
D) All of the above

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What is the shortcut key for print preview in Libreoffice Writer ?

A) Ctrl + Shift + O
B) Ctrl + Shift + P
C) Ctrl + P
D) Ctrl + O

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Status bar can be removed in Libreoffice Writer -

A) True
B) False

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