Question :

Which shortcut key do you use to highlight a value in Libreoffice Calc ?

A) Ctrl + F6
B) Ctrl
C) Ctrl + F8
D) Ctrl + F1

Answer : C

Description :

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In which menu is the slide sorter found in Libreoffice Impress ?

A) View
B) Insert
C) Slide show
D) Format

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What is the shortcut key to create a new document in Libreoffice Writer ?

A) Ctrl + N
B) Ctrl + Shift + N
C) Shift + N
D) None

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In Libreoffice, which menu has the option of File and Replace ?

A) File
B) View
C) Insert
D) Edit

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In which menu of Libreoffice writer is the mail merge or letter wizard found ?

A) format
B) File
C) Tools
D) Insert

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What is the bydefault name of a presentation made in Libreoffice Impress ?

A) Shw1
B) Slide1
C) Presentation1
D) Untitled1

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