Question :

A domain name ending with "org" is

A) A site which has very high traffic
B) A network site
C) A commercial website
D) An organization

Answer : D

Description :

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The act of exploring Web is known as surfing

A) True
B) False

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Voice mail, E-mail, Online service, the Internet and the WWW are all example of

A) Computer categories
B) Connectivity
C) Telecommuting
D) None of the above

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The IP address space is divided into classes five in all which are given letters A through E

A) True
B) False

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Which of the following is not an ISP access method ?

C) Radio modem
D) Satelight

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MIME full form

A) Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension
B) Multiple Internet Mail Extension
C) Multipurpose Internal Mail Extension
D) Multidimensional Internet Mail Extension

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