Question :

Which country is the host of the ‘UN Biodiversity Conference- COP15’?

A) India
B) Australia
C) China
D) Canada

Answer : D

Description :

The United Nations Biodiversity Conference, often known as COP15, was held in Montreal, Canada. Governments from across the world have gathered to agree on a new set of environmental targets for the next decade. Negotiators at a UN biodiversity conference struck an agreement to invest USD 200 billion in biodiversity assistance by 2030.

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RBI signs Currency Swap Agreement with which country?

A) Japan
B) Sri Lanka
C) Maldives
D) Bangladesh

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Who has received ‘The Emissary of Peace’ Award in the US?

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‘Rythu Bandhu’ is a flagship scheme of which Indian state/UT?

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Which state has set up the first Divyang department in India?

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Indian naval fleets, Shivalik and Kamorta are going to visit which city?

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