Question :

Tesla Chief Elon Musk has taken over which social medial platform?

A) Twitter
B) Snapchat
C) Instagram
D) Facebook

Answer : A

Description :

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has become new in charge of Twitter after finalizing a $44 billion deal. After months of speculations, Elon Musk confirmed in October 2022 that he will move forward with the Twitter buyout at the original agreed price of RS. 54.20 per share. Twitter accepted Elon Musk’s deal of buying the social media private service in April 2021. 

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World Habitat Day 2022 is being celebrated on?

A) October 4
B) October 1
C) October 2
D) October 3

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Who has won Nobel Prize 2022 in Literature?

A) Annie Ernaux
B) Yasmina Reza
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D) Leila Slimani

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Who has been elected as the President of the Indian National Congress?

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D) Priyanka Gandhi

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Scientists have found a new ecosystem ‘The Trapping Zone’ in which country?

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B) Japan
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Which city in the United States has announced Public School Holiday on Diwali from 2023?

A) Los Angeles
B) Chicago
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D) Boston

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