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Of the following properties of a wave, the one that is independent of the other is its

A) amplitude
B) velocity
C) wavelength
D) frequency

Answer : A

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Large transformers, when used for some time, become very hot and are cooled by circulating oil. The heating of the transformer is due to

A) the heating effect of current alone
B) hysteresis loss alone
C) both the heating effect of current and hysteresis loss
D) intense sunlight at noon

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Pick out the scalar quantity

A) force
B) pressure
C) velocity
D) acceleration

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Stars appears to move from east to west because

A) all stars move from east to west
B) the earth rotates from west to east
C) the earth rotates from east to west
D) the background of the stars moves from west to east

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If two bodies of different masses, initially at rest, are acted upon by the same force for the same time, then the both bodies acquire the same

A) velocity
B) momentum
C) acceleration
D) kinetic energy

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Siphon will fail to work if

A) the densities of the liquid in the two vessels are equal
B) the level of the liquid in the two vessels are at the same height
C) both its limbs are of unequal length
D) the temperature of the liquids in the two vessels are the same

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