Question :

Magnetism at the centre of a bar magnet is

A) minimum
B) maximum
C) zero
D) minimum or maximum

Answer : C

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Out of the following pairs, choose the pair in which the physical quantities do not have identical dimension?

A) Pressure and Young modules
B) Planck constant and Angular momentum
C) Impulse and moment of force
D) Force and rate of change of linear momentum

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Planets do not twinkle because

A) they emit light of a constant intensity
B) their distance from the earth does not change with time
C) they are very far away from the earth resulting in decrease in intensity of light
D) they are nearer to earth and hence we receive a greater amount of light and, therefore minor variations in the intensity are not noticeable

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The absorption of ink by blotting paper involves

A) viscosity of ink
B) capillary action phenomenon
C) diffusion of ink through the blotting
D) siphon action

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out of the following, which is not emitted by radioactive substance?

A) Electrons
B) Electromagnetic radiations
C) Alpha particles
D) Neutrons

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Of the following properties of a wave, the one that is independent of the other is its

A) amplitude
B) velocity
C) wavelength
D) frequency

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