Question :

A mysterious red glow was seen over which ocean?

A) Arctic Ocean
B) Atlantic Ocean
C) Pacific Ocean
D) Indian Ocean

Answer : B

Description :

A mysterious red glow was spotted over the Atlantic Ocean by a pilot, that has sent the Internet into a tizzy without dozens of theories including a comparison to the Stranger Things underwater portal. The mysterious red light over the Atlantic was seen and photographed by pilot Dustin Maggard from a cockpit 31,000 feet over the ocean. The pilot said that he hasn't seen anything like that before. 

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How old was the world's oldest known male giant panda, who died recently?

A) 31 years
B) 35 years
C) 43 years
D) 26 years

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Which Indian bowler has been ranked at the top in the ICC ODI Bowler Rankings 2022?

A) R Ashwin
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Which country will host Asian Games in 2023?

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D) India

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Which two Asian nations were awarded ICC Associate membership recently?

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DGCA has curtailed which airline's flights to 50 percent?

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