Question :

Which of the following two countries have been invited to join NATO?

A) Finland and Sweden
B) Australia and New Zealand
C) South Korea and Japan
D) Israel and Egypt

Answer : A

Description :

The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) has invited Finland and Sweden to join the military alliance in one of the biggest shifts in the European security in decades. NATO’s 30 allies took the decision at their summit in Madrid and also agreed to formally treat Russia as the most significant and direct threat to the ally's security.

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What is India's rank on Environmental Performance Index 2022?

A) 166
B) 170
C) 180
D) 120

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When is World Refugee Day observed?

A) June 18th
B) June 19th
C) June 20th
D) June 21st

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National Statistics Day in India is celebrated to commemorate which statistician's birth anniversary?

A) C.R. Rao
B) V.S. Huzurbazar
C) Jayanta Kumar Ghosh
D) PC Mahalanobis

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The entire capacity of the recently launched GSAT-24 satellite has been leased out to which broadcast satellite service provider?

A) Tata Play
B) Airtel
C) Dish TV
D) Sun Direct

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Which state has won the first prize in the National MSME Awards For Outstanding Development of the MSME Sector?

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B) Gujarat
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