Question :

When is World Bicycle Day observed?

A) June 1st
B) June 2nd
C) June 3rd
D) June 4th

Answer : C

Description :

World Bicycle Day is observed globally on June 3rd to encourage the use of bicycles among the people. The day highlights the significance of bicycles and how a simple yet effective mode of transport helps one to indulge in physical activities in the most convenient and the easiest way. 

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Which state observes its foundation day on June 2nd?

A) Jharkhand
B) Uttarakhand
C) Chhattisgarh
D) Telangana

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National Statistics Day in India is celebrated to commemorate which statistician's birth anniversary?

A) C.R. Rao
B) V.S. Huzurbazar
C) Jayanta Kumar Ghosh
D) PC Mahalanobis

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Justice Satish Chandra Sharma has taken oath as which High Court's Chief Justice?

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C) Bombay High Court
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India has handed over 12 high-speed guard boats to which nation?

A) Vietnam
B) Indonesia
C) Malaysia
D) Maldives

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Who will lead India in the FIH Women's Hockey World Cup 2022?

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