Question :

RBI has hiked the policy repo rate by how much much basis points?

A) 30 basis points
B) 35 basis points
C) 40 basis points
D) 45 basis points

Answer : C

Description :

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in a sudden move on May 4, 2022 increased the policy repo rate by 40 basis points to 4.40 percent with immediate effect. This was decided unanimously by the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) in an off-cycle meeting to reassess the evolving inflation-growth dynamics and the impact of the developments after the MPC meeting of April 6-8, 2022. With this, the standing deposit facility (SDF) rate stands adjusted to 4.15 percent and marginal standing facility (MSF) rate and the Bank Rate to 4.65 percent. 

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