Air Force X Group Mock Test in Hindi
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Question - 1

Directions (1-3) These questions are based on the following passage:


There are eccentric people who enjoy saving money for no other reason than the pleasure of saving money. It is a passion like drink, and a hobby like collecting old China. Does it usually begin, I wonder, with a money-box? Imagine a painter drawing the Miser’s Progress in a number of scenes, with the first scene showing a number of scenes, with the first scene showing a benevolent grandfather holding out a  harmless looking tin money-box to an infant scarce able to walk. As a young man the infant has grown into a miser who smokes no cigarettes except those he gets from his friends. By the age of forty he has a substantial banking account, but he persuades himself that he is so poor that he never goes to the theater, never rides a taxi, and never invites a friend to dinner. By sixty he is a rich man. He gives up his morning paper and goes and reads the papers in the Free Library for the sake of economy. By eighty he is so great a wreck through abstinence as it is possible to be through self-indulgence-a man who always  had plenty of money and never knew how to spend it-a monument of selfish self denial.


Question: 1 - Some  people enjoy saving because:

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